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The ETEC (Euro-Mediterranean Training and Employment Committee) is a multi-stakeholder network where key “green jobs” players of the participating territories such as local and regional authorities, SMEs, universities, training and labour agencies, employment centres, professional associations and trade unions from both shores of the Mediterranean Basin, engaged themselves for assuring the efficacy and sustainability of the overall EGREJOB process. The enforcement of a continuous “social dialogue” throughout the project activities was critical to the success of green and decent jobs strategies within the concerned area, through the definition of new skill needs or identification of future employability perspectives.

The Euro-Mediterranean Training and Employment Committee

The ETEC had two main tasks:

  • To assure effectiveness, efficacy and sustainability to the EGREJOB process, through the effective engagement of green jobs players and the emergence of real needs and critical issues for implementing the different project phases
  • To raise awareness on environmental opportunities and threats among Green Jobs players to reach a sustainable behaviour and policy change and change perspective by the identification of reforms and new policy approaches related to “Green Jobs ” and “Green Skills” for training and entrepreneurship support systems in the Euro-Med area.

The Committee is composed of 33 full members and 25 ad hoc members.

ETEC Members

The Committee held 4 general ETEC sessions and more than 50 bilateral sessions at the level of the single partners.

4 Trend Reports were released, gathering ETEC recommendation and validations over the EGREJOB phases.

ETEC Trend Report 1

ETEC Trend Report #2

A the beginning of the process, the partners were asked to identify the most relevant issues to be debated, through a survey that identified Green Jobs related themes within the Millennium Development Goals.