1ST EGREJOB AWARENESS SEMINAR “From Training Experiences to a Euro-Mediterranean Green Jobs Chart”

24sep9:30- 15:001ST EGREJOB AWARENESS SEMINAR “From Training Experiences to a Euro-Mediterranean Green Jobs Chart”9:30 - 15:00 Event Type :event

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Beirut, 24 September 2015

Gefinor Rotana Hotel

Sharing knowledge on the creation of Green Jobs through concrete experiences made in the Euro-Mediterranean Area is the main objective of the Seminar, which will take place in a form of a public event open to local audience, at the presence of social innovators, creative people,  local and national institutions and representatives of green business sectors and civil society.

The Seminar will contribute to raise awareness on the potentialities of green jobs for a sustainable development as well as to collect ideas and visions to be included into a Euro-Mediterranean Green Jobs Chart.

Why are Green Jobs a real opportunity for local development? How can these opportunities be spread at regional level? These are some of the common questions which will be answered by the speakers in a constant dialogue with the public, taking inspirations from their experiences and lessons learned.



– Political representative from City of Beirut and/or Lebanese Government

– Roger Ashi (Federation of Municipalities of Higher Chouf)

– Laura Righi (EgreJob Project Coorindator, Regione Toscana)

– Moderator – Simone D’Antonio (Cittalia – Fondazione ANCI Ricerche),


– Francesca Traclò (Cittalia – Fondazione ANCI Ricerche)


What are green jobs? Evidences from training experiences

– Francesca Pasini (Sardinia Region): Green Jobs training, the case of Sardinia

– Marianella Pereira iYaquelo (CambraOficial de ComerçiIndústria de Terrassa): Green Jobs Training, The case of Terrassa

Paola Ballini, Monica Stelloni (Egrejob Team, Egrejob ETEC member Tuscany Region):  The case of Tuscany for energy efficiency: practical  and social perspective

 Moderator – Massimo Allulli (Cittalia – Fondazione ANCI Ricerche)

– Mahmoud Abdelmoula (General Agency of Regional Development, Tounis): Green Jobs Training, The case of Tounis

Questions & Answers


Coffee Break

Which opportunities for economic and local development?

– Nadine Nassif, Head of the Environmental Department, Lebanese University, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Dekwaneh, Lebanon,

– Hussam Hawwa, director of DIFAF

– Cyril Rollinde (Consultant, ITC-ILO) Field analysis on Green Jobs in Lebanon: first evidences
– Nizar Hani (Protected Area Expert)  Eco-tourism and Nature conservation in Lebanon

– Dr. Najat A. Saliba (Director, AUB Nature Conservation Center): Training for Sustainability *

– Stephane Ruiz Coupeau (Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía, IDEA): The case of Andalusia

– Dr. Karoui Soufiène (University of Tunis): The case of Tunisia

– Moderator – Simone D’Antonio (Cittalia – Fondazione ANCI Ricerche),

Questions & Answers



Networking afternoon session

The networking afternoon session will be devoted to the involvement of local actors and stakeholders in the field of green jobs and green economy, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences through a participatory approach. The results of the afternoon session will be used in the formulation of the Euro-Mediterranean Green Jobs Chart.

Closing Remarks: what lessons for the Euro-Med Green Jobs Chart

Massimo Allulli (Cittalia – Fondazione ANCI Ricerche)Egrejob_awareness_seminar 22-settembre_2

American University Beirut


ITC ILO National coordinator for Lebanon

Lebanese University Sardinia-ARL

Shouf reserve

Terrassa-Chamber of Commerce

Tuscany Region Ballini

Tuscany Region Righi

University of Tunis

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(Thursday) 9:30 - 15:00


Hotel Gefinor Rotana