3rd Euro-Mediterranean Training and Employment Committee (ETEC) 4th Background Enhancing Seminar (BES)

12jun9:00- 17:003rd Euro-Mediterranean Training and Employment Committee (ETEC) 4th Background Enhancing Seminar (BES)9:00 - 17:00 Event Type :event

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The Euro-Mediterranean Training and Employment Committee (ETEC) is conceived to become a multi-stakeholder platform, formed by key “green jobs” players such as local and regional authorities, SMEs, universities, training and labour agencies, employment centers, professional associations and trade unions from both shores of the Mediterranean Basin, that supervise, monitor and strategically coordinate all project activities.

The Background Enhancing Seminars (BES) are organised in the framework of EGREJOB activities to provide partners, trainees and ETEC members with an opportunity to discuss strategic topics related to the main goal of EGREJOB, i.e. to close skills and unemployment gap of the concerned Mediterranean basin area to enhance young and decent employment opportunities (and thus contrast the brains drain) by disclosing the green economy job potentials, with the final aim of enhance the competitiveness of the involved territories.

The ETEC and BES will converge in one unique event which will take place in Sousse, Tunisia, on Friday 12 June 2015.


Within the capitalization activities of EGREJOB, anEuroMed Green Jobs Chart will be opened to the signing of partners, stakeholders and local/regional institutions. Among the purposes of the Chart are: 1) validating the EGREJOB training approaches and modules; and 2) facilitating the transfer, acknowledgment and capitalisation of assessed learning outcomes of training activities.

The joint BES and ETEC meetings in Sousse have the objective of providing the occasion for an inclusive debate on the goals, topics and targets of the EuroMed Green Jobs Chart.


The event is open to all EGREJOB partners, ETEC members, and Trainees from the EGREJOB regions who attended the TES on the previous day. National and local stakeholders from Tunisia will be invited as guests and speakers with the objective of connecting the EGREJOB project activities with on-going green economy / green jobs initiatives in the country.


Chair: Zeineb CHEMKHI, CGDR

9.00 – 9.30         Opening session

  • Leila BEN HAFSIA, Governorate of Sousse;
  • Laura RIGHI, Tuscany Region
  • Mohamed BELAZREG, CGDR

9.30 – 9.45         Introduction

Speaker: Francesca Traclò, Cittalia

Objectives: 1) To introduce WP3 and the EuroMed Green Jobs Chart: goals, themes to be covered, target audience and recipients, sustainability and use beyond the duration of the project. 2) To introduce the agenda for the day. These introductions have the scope of connecting the different topics and interventions of the day with the broad scope and contents of the EuroMed Green Jobs Chart.

9.45 – 10.30      Keynote presentation on the employment potential of a green economy in Tunisia

Moderator: Alice VOZZA, ITCILO

Panelists: Jan-Marius TILLMANNS, ITCILO; Kerrou NAOUFEL, Researcher, Tunisia

Objective: To share the key findings of various green jobs assessments conducted in Tunisia between 2013 and 2015: overview of sectors of analysis, labour market detected challenges and opportunities,the specific case of the renewable energy sector (PV).

Green Jobs Potential in Tunisia – J.M. Tilmans – ILO ITC

ILO project Depart Tunisia – K. Naoufel

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 – 12.30    Panel discussion – Skill needs for energy transition, energy efficiency and waste valorisation

Moderator: Stephane RUIZ COUPEAU, IDEA, Andalucia


  • Ramon NICOLAU (AECA, Terrassa) “Zero Waste Plant: Next generation in waste to energy”;
  • Ridha ZHIOU (ATFP, Tunisia) “Training opportunities in the solar energy value chain in Tunisia”;
  • Dhouha TANGOUR (CITET, Tunisia); “Green jobs and compost”
  • Wassim CHIHA (Governorate of Sousse) “Waste valorisation in Tunisia: FODEP financing”

Objective: to discuss responses to greening occupations through the analysis of the energy and waste sectors.

Zero Waste plant – R. Nicolau – AECA

Green Jobs and compost – D. Tangour – CITET

Waste valorisation: FODEP Financing – W.Chiha – Governorate of Sousse


IMG_5771   IMG_5781      DSC_0317IMG_5788  DSC_0314  IMG_5773

12.30 – 13.45 Lunch


Chair: Francesca TRACLÒ, Cittalia

13.45 – 14.30 Panel discussion – Skills responses to the greening of economies and occupations: key issues and emerging approaches

Moderator: Cristina MARTINEZ, ITCILO


  • Francesca PASINI, Employment Agency of Sardinia Region;
  • Medhioub BOUOKAZINE,Sousse Regional Director,MVTE, Tunisia;
  • Lucia PIFFERI, Francesco BUTI, Alessia CECCHI “Training on ESCO”, TuscanyRegion

Objective: By drawing conclusions from the previous panel, this session helps to capture the main areas of concerns for skills development in a greening economy, based on existing programmes and strategies in Tunisia, Sardinia and Tuscany

Regional Employment Agency Sardinia – F. Pasini

Tuscany trainees Group – ESCO Managers

IMG_5773 IMG_5776 IMG_5779 IMG_5779 IMG_5781IMG_5785IMG_5784IMG_5783IMG_5786

14.30 – 15.15    Debate – Horizon scanning for the green transition: pathways for assuring green jobs are decent

Moderator: Alice VOZZA, ITCILO

Panelists: 1 representative per EGREJOB region (if available, researchers) will highlight in the format of an “elevator pitch” (brief kick-off statements to stimulate discussion) what are the main concerns and challenges in terms of decent work agenda, based on the outcomes of the research conducted.

Objective: Discuss and reflect on the elements of Decent Work and Just Transition analysis in EGREJOB regions (to feed into WP5)

15.15 – 15.30 Coffee break

15.30 – 16.45 Group works – Towards a EuroMed Green Jobs Chart: lessons and good practices

Facilitator: Simone D’ANTONIO, Cittalia

Objective: To collect feedback and ideas, through dedicated group works, to be reflected in the preparation of the EuroMed Green Jobs Chart

 [10’ introduction, 30’ group works, 20’ reporting back, 15’panel discussion and conclusions]


  • Francesca TRACLÒ,Cittalia
  • Laura RIGHI, Tuscany Region

Green Jobs Chart – S. D’Antonio

16.45 – 17.00    Closing session

  • Hanène BACCAR and Leila BEN HAFSIA, Governorate of Sousse


(Friday) 9:00 - 17:00


Hotel L’Orient Palace