The “TRAINING” space provides references for the Green Jobs trainings realised within EGREJOB.

In Tunisia two training courses were implemented, held in tight cooperation between the two local partners: the General Agency for Regional Development (CGDR) took primary responsibility for the course on Solar and Photovoltaic Energy, while the Governorate of Sousse focussed on the Valorisation of olive oil waste.

In Italy, the Green Jobs feasibility study carried out by Tuscany Region stressed the need for energy experts capable of dealing with sustainable building demands at a wider territorial level, by using the model of Energy Services Companies led by ESCO managers (individuals able to finance energy renovation through the energy savings obtained); the Regional Employment Agency of Sardinia focussed on the enhancement of the capacities of Smart Grids managers, capable to operate on electrical grids, including a variety of operational and energy measures like smart appliances or renewable energy resources.

In Lebanon, the District of Higher Chouf focussed on green professions connected with Eco-tourism and Sustainable Agriculture.

In Spain, the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa provided specialization courses on Energy Efficiency, as demanded by the Catalonian region research analysis, whereas in Andalusia the research led in conjunction with the Development Agency IDEA stressed the need to create Sustainable Building experts.