Jobs analysis


One of the first steps of the project was to carry out a feasibility study on the green jobs potential in the involved territories.

The research, coordinated by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization, contains for each territory the baseline on Green Jobs, their projection based on a hypothetical ´What if’ scenario, the skills analysis in the context of the envisaged transition to a greener economy (macroeconomic, sectorial, occupational and skills, training and education) and findings from the analysis of linking employment and social development policies with Green Economy. The report includes recommendations based on the findings of the study. The research phase included ‘consensus building’ meetings among project partners and key stakeholders (SMEs, Universities, public administrations, etc.), data collection and disaggregation, experts consultations and involvement of research institutes.

The Regional Studies

The analysis produced 6 regional reports:

  • Skills for a Green Economy in Andalucía (Spain)– A case study of the Sustainable Construction Sector
  • Skills for a Green Economy in Catalonia (Spain) – A case study of the Energy Efficiency sector
  • Skills for a Green Economy in Toscana (Italy) – A case study of the Green Building sector
  • Skills for a Green Economy in the Governorate of Sousse and the region of Greater Tunis (Tunisia) – A case study of plastic Waste management and Renewable Energies
  • Skills for a Green Economy in Shouf and Akkar (Lebanon) – A case study of Waste, Agriculture and Tourism sectors
  • Skills for a Green Economy in Sardegna (Italy) – A case study of the Renewable Energy sector

The Final Synthesis Report

The report offers a general scenario of the Green Jobs situation and potential in the areas covered by the project.